This is how my „lets make a movie“ life all started. „Sorgente-SUCKcessful Dayze“ (2008) an 89min. documentary about the band SORGENTE from munich.Directed/Filmed and Edited by myself.

It`s the view behind the scenes of the RocknRoll-Circus. A very intimate insight into the world of a group of enthusiastic musicians who were accompanied over 2 years by the young film director Sophie Morawetz and her camera. It is the story of the Munich Rock-band SORGENTE. Portrayed in a fun, touching and authentic way, she shows us a 89 minutes summary of 200 concerts, 130000 kilometres through Europe’s highways, 8 countries, 2 continents, countless jams, endless discussions, studio sessions and police controls. Highlight is the tour with the US singer P!nk as well as the performance at the most famous music festival in the world, the Montreal-Jazz-Festival in Canada. SORGENTE- SUCKcessful DAYze is therefore also a documentary about excess, megalomania and humility, victories and knockdowns, energy and chaotic moments. A movie showing how close heaven and hell can be and how hope may not fail. The central question „What is success?“ should be answered by the viewer´s themselves.

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