LITTLESTAR.TRAVELS.THE.WORLD. „happiness only real when shared“

life is now sophie morawetz

Change places. Change moments. Change the routine. This is paradise!

A few months back in 2010 I decided to take a break from everything and travel.  I found myself loving life in Croatia, England (Croyde), Northern Spain (especially Galicia but also a short visit in Barcelona), France (Hossegor), Los Angeles, Panama and finally Costa Rica! It was a dream come true. It is real life and it is joy!

Diary entry back then: „Littlestar travels. Littlestar travels with a Canon G11 a MacBook and guess what- I-movie. Final Cut for some reason doesn`t work anymore. Enjoy watching Littlestar`s summer 2010!“

Costa Rica = surfing. But if there are no waves one can use the GoPro Camera and ATV`s and check out the waterfalls