5 more minutes please cover by christina michelitsch

A film by: Sophie Morawetz

Produced by: Conny Bleicher

“5 more minutes…please?!” is the very first movie of Lipstick Productions. A European all female snowboard movie which outlines Lipstick Productions mission: Let´s not take everything too serious.

Best European female riders in a hilarious movie about the joy of snowboarding outlining the challenge which comes along in being a professional athlete. One of the highlight is the trip to Turkey where snowboarding and cultural diversities find a very amusing coalition.

The phenomenal female cast; including Aimee Fuller, Ana Rumiha, Aline Bock, Tini Gruber, Julia Baumgartner, Margot Rozies, Urska Pribosic, Basa Stevulova, Jenny Jones, Lisa Filzmoser, Vera Janssen, Conny Bleicher, Sina Candrian, Diana Sadlowski, Tania Detomas and some more; take the female sport to new limits.

So sit back, enjoy and relax “5 more minutes…please?!”

Sponsored by: Roxy, Billabong, Burn, Nikita, Elan

Also supported by: Voelkl, Sweet Dream, Sport Spezial, Cooler, Onboard, Mpora, Golden Ride, Blue Tomato, Laax, Val Senales, Dorukaya, Stubai Zoo & Dachstein

Filmed by: Sophie Morawetz, Ryan Smith, Lachlan Humphreys, Johno Verity, Rene Gallo, Julian Pintarelli, Matej Gostinar, Stephan Kofler, Ben Bishop, Michal Puchy, Antoine Frioux, Steven Kilzer, Florian Trattner, Clemens Prankl, Julia Baumgartner

Graphics & Motion Graphics by: Christina Michelitsch, Max Garhammer, Sophie Morawetz, Kristina Fallenegger

„5mmp?!“ TRAILER

„5mmp?!“ FULL MOVIE

Lipstick Productions is the first (founded 2010 by Conny Bleicher) and biggest european all female snowboard production. It´s set up by riders for riders. A platform for girls who go riding, shooting and filming together. Due to a injury I could not continue working for Lipstick Productions.

Visit Lipstick Productions Homepage:  www.lipstick-productions.com